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Regardless of type or size, each People's Garden must meet the same eligibility requirements. Before adding your garden to the database, please review the three criteria listed below to ensure your garden meets the eligibility requirements.
1. Benefits the Community: Gardens can benefit communities in many different ways, such as:

   Creating spaces for leisure or recreation
   Fostering pride through beautification
  Providing a harvest to a local food bank,
   Providing food or shelter for wildlife
   Serving as a demonstration site to educate the public and raise awareness of issues such as:
        natural resource conservation, nutrition, healthy eating, sustainable agriculture, forestry, etc

2. Is a Collaborative Effort:
   The garden was created and/or is maintained by a partnership of individuals, groups, organizations, state or federal agencies.

3. Incorporates Sustainable Practices: The garden must include practices that nurture, protect
    or enhance natural resources, such as but not limited to:
   Utilizing rain barrels for irrigation, or using water efficient irrigation systems
  Composting, mulching, or use of cover crops
  Planting native species
  Encouraging beneficial insects
  Erosion control
  Stormwater management
  Note: Gardens located at private residences are NOT eligible to become People's Gardens.
Before proceeding with your application, you must certify that the garden(s) you would like to enter in the database meet the necessary criteria to be recognized as a People's Garden and that you can provide the supporting information. You will be asked for more detailed inforamtion later in the process. There is no cost associated with any part of this application or registering your garden. You will receive an email regarding your application that will provide more information and instructions on next steps.
Thank you for being a partner in this effort.

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